Prices of procedures

Classical wholebody massage 50 min.39 EUR
Classical partial massage: neck, shoulders, arms 20 min.22 EUR
Classical partial massage: back and neck 20 min.22 EUR
Aromamassage partial 20 min.22 EUR
Aromamassage wholebody 50 min.39 EUR
Foot massage with mineralbath 45 min.33 EUR
Honey partial massage: back 50 min.58 EUR
Chocolate massage + Wrap 50 min.58 EUR
Hot stone massage 75 min.65 EUR
Peat wrap 20 min.16 EUR
Steam inhalation in mineral water 15 min.11 EUR
Paraffin wrap on hands 15 min.11 EUR
Candella massage 50 min.58 EUR
Thermarium – Whirlpool, Sauna, Infrared cabin, Salt chamber, steam cabin, 60 min.15 EUR